Computer help IN YOUR HOME!
And if Granny doesn't fix it you pay nothing!

That's right! If you live in the Port Orange, FL  area, Computer Granny, will come to YOUR home! Very reasonable rates!

Who is Charlotte Wood??

Char Wood AKA the Computer Granny has been the computer go to person for those over 50 for nearly twenty years. This picture is proof! WOW I was young and thin once!

Having gotten my degree in computer programming and software engineering back in the 90's (with honors too by the way) I noticed that the seniors who were taking the college's computer classes were passing with flying colors BUT they really had no idea how to use the computer! was then that I decided to specialize in helping the older generation learn how to use their computers. I started with my late husband with the Adult Beginners Computer School, and went into the computer repair business when my dear husband Ron, passed away. 

My claim to fame is treating my seniors with the respect they deserve whether I'm teaching or repairing their computer in the comfort of their own home! Many of my clients have become my friends over the years and continue learning how to make computing easy through my FREE and informative emails when warranted!

If you live in the Port Orange, FL area be sure to get in touch me, 

Char Wood. You'll be glad you did.

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